Welcome back to FA 2022!

On behalf of the entire FA Parent Community (FAPC) Executive, we would like to welcome families back to the school!

The FAPC provides a place for parents/guardians to connect and be involved with the growth and success of our children at Fraser and beyond. A primary goal of the FAPC is to build a community where parents not only know their child’s grade parents, but have connections with parents across multiple grades. We are a diverse but strong community who all have one thing in common – a child with language-based learning differences. By coming together, we can make their world brighter and help them achieve their full potential, not stifled by norms, stereotypes or limitations.

The FAPC has a number of initiatives that we carry out each year and we are working on hybrid models to accommodate the re-opening guidelines. First and foremost is to keep a strong line of communication going amongst parents who wish to participate. Our goal is to have 100% participation in one way or another.

We do that through a number of ways:
1. Our FAPC website – that can be accessed on myFA;
2. Our class parent representatives;
3. A private moderated Facebook group;
4. Grade level WhatsApp group chats;
5. FAPC meetings – with alternating in-person and Zoom formats.

We also have a number of activities throughout the year such as used uniform sales, welcome back BBQ, parent socials, holiday baking and staff appreciation events to name a few. For any parent who would like to volunteer, please let us know via our Facebook group or email at fapc@fraseracademy.ca.

Best Regards,

Helene Tremblay (Gabrielle V, Gr. 8 / Leanne V, Gr. 5 / Charlotte V, Gr. 3)
FAPC Chair

January Vandale (Lucas de G, Gr. 6 / Evan de G, Gr. 4)
FAPC Vice Chair

And on behalf of the FAPC Executive

Brandy Hughes (Scotia H, Gr. 10)

Vivian Cantas (Anastasia C, Gr. 12)
Fundraising Coordinator

Alexandra Wright (Luke W-W, Gr. 7)
Executive Member at Large