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October 21, 2016

Mustang Safety Campaign Videos!

It’s Happening, Again!

Last year, the Parent Volunteer Group (PVG) launched its inaugural FA Mustang Safety Campaign with an incredibly successful fundraiser offering Mustang Safety Kits for home, vehicle and office. We affected 737 individuals and 6 pets!

All fundraising efforts will contribute to both the community at large, through safety preparedness, and our students, through providing financial gifts to the school in order to better our children’s experience (with water fountains, bike racks, etc).

The product list and order form can be FAPVG Mustang Safety Order Form

Ready? Set? Get Prepared!

Did you have your survival planning and preparation in place during the recent storms?  What if you and your family were to experience an emergency or natural catastrophe…a disaster such as a hurricane, earthquake, wildfire, blizzard or other natural disaster? What if the emergency was a man-made disaster such as a fire or power black-out? Are you ready?

We’re proud and excited to share some videos that are intended to create peace of mind, offer a little humour, and a lot of tips and tricks and ideas on what to consider when making your plan to stay safe during an emergency.

A Little Background

Tracy Custodinho, a Fraser Academy parent, approached the Parent Volunteer Group when she heard about the Mustang Safety Campaign. She wanted to offer her expertise in emergency preparedness.  Marielle Smith, current PVG Chair and long-time parent at Fraser Academy, who loves technology along with digital and social media – wanted to find a way for Tracy to share her wisdom and expertise with the FA Community and beyond.

Who Made These Videos?

Tracy has five years of training experience with the CAF (Canadian Armed Forces) post disaster search and rescue, arctic search and rescue, infantry communications, specialized weapons training and unarmed combat.  As a civilian and concerned mom, she had volunteered in the past with a previous school to create a world-class safety program – so we are hugely grateful for her insights and knowledge being shared in these videos.

Marielle has a background in life coaching and technology, internet radio shows and group workshops – and her love of creating community projects with other like-minded experts was fulfilled in partnering with Tracy and Debby to create these videos.

Debby Jenkins, long-time parent at Fraser Academy, FA Board Member, and founder of Slim Gin & Tonic Films Inc., gifted (as she has many times in the past) the filming, editing and production of these videos. Her expertise and inspiring direction made these videos incredibly easy for us to make, and are professionally edited with concise relevant content for everyone.

(Please note – we encourage everyone to research and explore your own plan for your family, one that works for you.  All the information in these videos is provided with the disclaimer that we are not experts, we are only providing a starting point for you to take responsibility for the safety of you and your family and community.)

Grab a pen and paper – get ready to take some notes – then hit play and have fun watching these with your family!